Become Super with Superfoods

There is a superfood craze that has been buzzing in the health and wellness field for a few years now and I personally love them and what they can do to benefit the human body.

Growing up in my youth I was always slender actually skinny then in my early 20’s I moved to Florida and blew up I became overweight. I was fat. I got married and the pounds kept adding on. in 9 years I went from 145lbs to 190lbs. Then in 2009 I made the choice to transform myself. I fasted and cleansed for about two weeks which jumped started my path to transformation. I then started going to the gym everyday and in 3 month I dropped 40lbs from 190lbs to 150lbs. Ever since I have maintained a weight between 150 and 155lbs. I entered into a path of holistic wellness and became a holistic health care practitioner. I acquired personal training certification through World Fitness International, and an associates degree in Ayurveda through The Ayurvedic College of Well Being under Dr Light and Bryan Miller. I have moved to a vegetarian intuitive diet and I love to include superfoods into my meal plan and meal plans for my clients.

What are superfoods? Superfoods can be berries, herbs, plants, or seeds that are more exotic and harder to come across. Many are not grown locally and yet they have an abundance of benefits for the human body. You can’t really find them in their raw form at your local grocery store so for that reason they kind of need to be hunted for

I have a created a free class for you to find out more about the exciting world of super foods. In this class you will learn about

  • What are different superfoods
  • How superfoods will benefit you
  • Why Superfoods are essential for balance of mind body and soul
  • The different physiological effects on the body and mind
  • How to integrate them into your life and meal plan
  • Different ways to use superfoods for health and well being

I invite you to Enroll in my free Becoming Super with Superfoods: A Guide to a more super YOU Course :) You will also receive a complimentary Super Food Downloadable PDF Recipes book

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